Cryptocurrency bubble is upon us
But the blockchain technology is not a problem,
It’s the solution!

The Blockchain Technology Foundation (BCTF) is dedicated to modernizing both the market and social relations by furthering the adoption of the blockchain technology and educating the business community on harnessing this groundbreaking instrument of change to create a more secure, equitable, and functional future.
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You are among thousands, perhaps millions of untrained investors looking for ways to alleviate their shock

The Foundation doesn’t guarantee the return of all of the deposits to the cryptocurrency investors, however, in the majority of cases and within certain limits, in the event of a verified by a smart contract failure by a member to recover funds lost to a fraudulent cryptocurrency enterprise, the Foundation will compensate a member’s losses (conditions apply)
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The blockchain technology will help those in power to reconsider many vile ideas that are perceived as a norm today

To revolutionize society as a whole, the blockchain technology will give rise to new forms of the local and state government, which until now existed only in the dreams of utopian philosophers. The Blockchain Technology Foundation will ensure a smooth, lawful, and swift transition of power and influence
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In the coming years,
the blockchain technology will underpin the new economy, and the BCTF will stand at the helm of the change

The Blockchain Technology Foundation is created through a collective effort with the intention of engaging the leaders of the business community as well as private individuals who are committed to the conviction that the blockchain technology can and will change the way we function. We welcome all who share in our belief in the Humanity 2.0
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Would you like to become a regional BCTF representative in your country?

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The Blockchain Technology Foundation needs you!

We are a non-profit, which means that we’re heavily reliant on volunteers and enthusiasts. This is your chance to create a future for yourself and leave a mark on posterity!

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