Cryptocurrency bubble
is upon us
But the blockchain
technology is not a problem,
It’s the solution!

BCTF (Blockchain Technology Foundation) is a non-profit affiliated organization

created in the interests of the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, software developers and other proponents of the blockchain technologies. One of its major purposes is to cater to the interests and address concerns of cryptocurrency investors who have suffered from the dishonest dealings or incompetent management of cryptocurrency projects

BCTF is conceived as a democratic organization, whose members manage it by voting

and resolve organizational issues through their elected representatives. The creators of BCTF take on the role of organizers of the BCTF community, after which their mission in the project will be completed

The BCTF Core Mechanism

The BCTF regional organizations and local branches are the core mechanism, through which the BCTF functions. The technical, organizational, scientific, educational, legal, social, and marketing support, as well as the maintenance of the organization's activities, will be carried out by them in accordance with the communal will