Join the Blockchain Technology Foundation and claim your future!
Regional Member One NGO per program per country which subscribes to the objectives of the Foundation and is willing to join the Foundation may become a Member of the Foundation; and if more than one NGO per program per country applies for Membership, each NGO may become a Member of the Foundation as a Coalition Group
Associate Member Any institution, university, local or national government, or any other organization other than an NGO which subscribes to the objectives of the Foundation and is willing to join the Foundation may become an Associate Member of the Foundation
Individual Associate Members Any person with legal capacity may become an Associate Member of the Foundation following the submittal of a written application and approval by the General Assembly of the Foundation
Legal Person Members and Associate Members All Members and Associate Members, other than Individual Associate Members, should be a legal person duly established and registered by the applicable laws of the country in which it is registered


Members of the Blockchain Technology Foundation are obligated to perform a number of duties and general activities within the Objectives and Activity Areas of the Foundation. The Foundation shall take all practical measures necessary for the achievement of its objectives. The Foundation, to that end, will perform comprehensive services and programs, particularly relating to promotion, adaptation, and proliferation of the blockchain technology throughout the world
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The Loss Prevention Program (LPP) is funded through the communal efforts to provide untrained cryptocurrency enthusiasts who suffered losses during the cryptocurrency bubble with compensation of their losses by way of replacing the defaulted tokens with the Programs’s compensation packages in BCTF tokens (conditions apply). Ownership of the BCTF tokens automatically attributes voting rights to members


The General Assembly is the most competent decision-making body of the Foundation, and its duties and powers include the discussion and adaptation of the Biannual Financial Plan and the Annual Working Program by the general members vote, the debate and approval or rejection of the Annual Activity Report and many others


Board of Directors of the Foundation, besides the President of the Foundation, is composed of seven (5) full and five (2) alternate members elected for four (4) years among the members of the General Assembly. The elections of Board of Directors shall be carried out in the opening meeting and by secret ballot


The Board of Advisors shall act as the advisory organ to all other organs of the Foundation, and shall be composed of 7 (seven) members elected by the Board of Directors upon nomination by the General Consortium from academicians, professionals and other persons who have excelled in the promotion of the blockchain technology