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How to apply for the BCTF membership and qualify to receive the BCTF tokens

To obtain the BCTF membership and receive membership tokens, the applicant must destroy the tokens he or she claims to have been issued by a fraudulent or default cryptocurrency project. This is necessary to avoid reusing tokens to obtain membership tokens and BCTF membership.

The entire process of destroying tokens and issuing membership tokens after the applicant's entry onto the blockchain-based list of applicants is fully automated. The process is initiated by the applicant (by transferring of “bad” tokens to the specified wallet) and does not require third-party interference.

Confirmation of the right to own relevant tokens and confirmation of bad investments occurs by submitting scans of the electronic wallet, receipts of online payments, etc.

The BCTF token description
The BCTF token will be consistently implemented in two versions. This step-by-step scheme for creating a token will, firstly, allow the token to be put into circulation when the total volume of its emission is finally determined, and secondly, it will allow for the rational allocation of resources.
The first generation token advantages
Ethereum ERC20 standard, minimum time and financial resources to create and launch, reliable technical support of the Ethereum platform, and a ready electronic wallet, which any user can download freely.
The second generation token advantages
Technologically more advanced token developed on advanced blockchain technologies, proprietary wallet equipped with an embedded algorithm for voting for the BCTF community decisions, the single commission fee is 0.75% for the transaction and no payment for the mining.
Electronic wallets of the BCTF regional offices
Tokens intended for distribution among regional offices will be transferred immediately after emission to the electronic wallets of the regional offices. The unlocking of these tokens will occur over the period of five years: 30% in the first year, 20% for the next three years and the remaining 10% in the fifth last year.

A basic smart contract for BCTF token distribution

Tokens intended for distribution among investors affected by the cryptocurrency bubble will be automatically transferred to a Base smart contract after emission. Access to the tokens located in the Base smart contract will be granted to a blockchain-based roster of eligible BCTF membership applicants who will be confirmed as victims of unscrupulous cryptocurrency projects. At the end of the five-year period, all BCFT tokens that are not distributed among the affected crypto investors are sent to the Genesis account (digitally discarded or "burned").


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