The Blockchain Technology
Foundation needs you!
We are a non-profit, which means that we’re heavily reliant on volunteers and enthusiasts. This is your chance to create a future for yourself and leave a mark on posterity!

We are opening our virtual doors to everyone who is willing to contribute to our common cause!

The BCTF strives to popularize and modernize both the market and social relations by furthering the adoption of the blockchain technology. Vowing to educate the business community on harnessing this groundbreaking instrument of change to us means to create a more secure, equitable, and functional future. We invite everyone who shares our vision and possesses a skill to shape that vision to connect with us.

Who do we need?

Volunteer Regional Managers

The driving force behind the BCTF is its regional offices. Keep in mind that BCTF is fully decentralized and self-governed so to encompass the entire planet and to serve the public’s best interests in the most efficient manner we have to do it locally. That’s why we invite all digital entrepreneurs and blockchain advocates to apply for the BCTF Regional Manager positions

Volunteer Developers

The BCTF is decentralized, self-governed and web-based, which means that a 100% of the project is online. Help us get there! Help us build an entirely new BCTF blockchain independent of the Bitcoin’s whim or Ethereum’s limitations. You don’t have to be a “Full-stack God” on both ends, but if you’re an experienced self-starter passionate about the future of the blockchain, let’s connect!

Volunteer Financial/Legal Specialists

If you feel that it’s your duty to contribute to the further adoption of this fantastic technology and protect those who fell (or will soon fall) victim of the cryptocurrency bubble, join us! Assist and advise cryptocurrency fraud victims in their future endeavors. Help them receive compensation through the BCTF Loss Prevention Fund (LPF), and do much more!

Fell victim to a fraudulent ICO?
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